Fishing Report March 8 2019

Fishing Report March 8 2019

Land based: people fishing the rock walls and jetty’s around the Mandurah channel are finding nice sized yellowfin whiting along with small sand whiting, herring, juvenile salmon, medium sized tailor and some big skippy. In the cut the jetties are producing herring in the mornings and night, juvenile salmon, whiting and some skippy. Off the estuary and ocean ends there has been some nice sized tailor caught just on dusk and into the night. People wading the flats in the estuary have still found good numbers of yellowfin whiting along with herring and salmon trout

Best baits:  worms or coral prawns, mulies.

Beaches. Theres been a few good tailor caught along the silver sands north stretch, along with a fair few big mulloway with the best reports of mulloway coming in the Madora beach area. People fishing the southern stretch have found some nice sized tailor, school sharks, herring, whiting and pilch from Tims Thicket to Preston.

  • Best baits: mulies and mullet fillets

Crabs: land-based scoopers have reported that just on dark or dawn is still the best bet for a feed. Boat-based people have struggled at times but found best results drop netting in the deeper sections off drop offs in the peel inlet.

Boats: Some big tailor and salmon trout have been caught trolling in the channel markers in the estuary. Dhufish, snapper, breaksea cod and some nice sized baldchin continue to be caught out of 40-60 meters of water plus some big schools of southern bluefin tuna once you get around the 20-30m mark.

Best baits: squid, mullet, coral prawns and smiling jacks slow trolled for the tailor.

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